We are looking for superstars and rising stars. 

We are a brokerage that works FOR you; not the other way around.  We are here to make YOU help make our clients successful.  And we will go to GREAT lengths to ensure your success.  

Why HomeFluent?

Marketing and technology services second to none.

We are known for being one of the best, modern marketing companies in the industry. We provide access to the best marketing training, technology and support in the industry.

Modern, practical training from real experts.

Our training is about as practical as it gets and is always delivered by someone who is an expert in their field. All of our training is recorded and hosted on our online training portal for repeated consumption.

Amazing Culture

Have you ever felt lonely even at a large brokerage, or felt that collaboration was lacking or that colleagues were competing instead of helping each other out?  Our culture is the opposite.  We are here to make things happen together and we want to have fun in our profession.  

Commission splits and low desk fees that make sense

If you’ve ever felt like your brokerage was literally stealing from your deals…  our fees are extremely reasonable and most of them are reinvested in services for you and social initiatives. 

Sane and Competent Management Team

Working with jerks and incompetent people is not a pleasant experience.  We are here to work with you and for you.  


Additional opportunities to earn through teaching, coaching and mentoring.  

Our splits and fees make sense

Keep 100% of your commission on every transaction.

Pay only $99 per month and $350 per transaction


Great training