How it all Started...

What we’ll show and teach you is based on proven principles, techniques and personal experiments that have worked amazingly well

Nice Meeting You!

Hi!  I’m Julien, the founder of HomeFluent.  Through all of my years of experience, I know what it takes for others to be successful in real estate investing and I want to teach you exactly how I did it.

I created HomeFluent to help people just like yourself get on the ‘fast track’ to successful real estate investing.

I’m passionate about real estate investing, and about teaching others how to be successful!

I remember when I started in real estate back in 2006. I had no clue as to what I was doing or getting myself into. But after a lot of hard work and determination, I built a system that enabled me to build multi-million dollar investing portfolio that has generated multiple $100,000+ per year income streams. And I did it all while still taking on the demands of a full-time job and a busy family life.

The Biggest Challenges and What I’ve Learned

After reading and studying dozens of books on real estate investing, and attending expensive and very pushy seminars, I quickly learned a lot of things in this competitive (yet very lucrative!) market. Here’s 4 important things that I discovered…



I’ve learned that if you want to be able to successful in real estate, you not only must be able to scale, but you need to do it with efficient, replicable and profitable systems. Then all you have to do to grow is to implement these proven systems.


If you’ve already done some reading or researching in real estate investing, then you’ve probably realized that there’s a ton of really bad advice out there. This can not only steer you in the wrong direction, but it can cost you a lot of wasted time and money. HomeFluent is here to change that.


When it comes to successful real estate investing, it’s vital that you focus on the fundamentals and make everything as practicable as possible. There’s a great need for practical real estate information, guidance and tools, and RealCoach fills this void.


When it comes to success in real estate, knowledge is at the very foundation, but it’s not enough. You must go beyond knowledge and also rely on proven systems, tools and more to make it work in a very successful and predictable way.

How did I Achieve My Very Rapid Success?

When I first started out, I didn’t really know what I was doing. But then I started to think about how I could apply an entrepreneurial mindset to real estate investing. What I began to do is apply business principles I learned from my MBA, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from my Software Engineering studies. I even figured out how to apply process optimization from my work as a Six Sigma Black Belt and my own personal experience as an entrepreneur and early investor to real estate investing.

Once I combined my own skills, knowledge and unique insights, I created a very systematic approach to real estate investing that has worked like a well-tuned machine. After several tweaks and changes, this approach has not only been proven to work, but has helped even complete real estate “newbies” become very rich and successful.

The Birth of HomeFluent!

HomeFluent will provide you exactly what I wished I had when I started out in real estate investing. This includes expert coaching, guidance, mentoring, knowledge, powerful tools and other practical information that can be TRUSTED. Now it’s all available to you, in a simple way, right at your fingertips.

Are You Ready To Start Your Exciting & Successful New Journey In Real Estate Investing?

I’ll personally teach you the step-by-step system I developed to become a real estate millionaire.