Be a Data-Driven Real Estate Investor

The best decisions can only be made with extensive data analysis and research.  We crunch the numbers to provide you with the insight you need for the best outcome!

Data-Driven Investing

People spend weeks researching and negotiating a new car or a vacation package.  Yet, when it comes to real estate, people visit a dozen houses and make a choice based on a gut feeling. 

We take out the guessing game.  Using cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics techniques, we provide you with all the insight you need to start making insight-driven decisions. 

John the Buyer

John understands that even if he is looking for his first home, he wants to get a good deal and buy a house that he’ll be able to resell for a good profit in a few years.

John has several questions:

  • What are the houses on the market that provide good value and have the most potential for appreciation?
  • Which neighbourhoods have the most potential?
  • How much is a specific house worth?  How much should I offer?


Isabella the Seller

Isabella is considering selling her home.  She wants to get as much as she can for it, realizing that with good data, she won’t leave money on the table. 

Isabelle wonders: 

  • What is the true market value of my house?
  • How much should I list it at? 
  • Which upgrades will increase the value of the house the most and by how much?  

Joey the Investor

Joey is starting out in his investing journey and is looking for a property that will provide a good rental income and solid cashflow, but also appreciate in value quickly.

What Joey is most curious about is:

  • How can I maximize the return on my investment.
  • Where does it make sense to invest?
  • Which property provides the best investment potential?


The RealInsight Real Estate Artificial Intelligence Platform

We take hundreds of thousands of data points, feed them to our Artificial Intelligence system and the output is pure insight that will help you make the best possible decisions.

We’re Ready To Help You Get Started On The Path To Success!