Access an Extensive Network of Approved Experts

Success in real estate investing often depends on benefiting from the experience of others and building a dream team.  We help you with both!

The team with the best players wins!

Success in real estate investing largely depends on having a great and trustworthy team working WITH YOU.   We are building an entire ecosystem of HomeFluent Approved professionals across the country.

Need financing? We’ll recommend the best mortgage broker.

Need help understanding tax implications?  We’ll recommend the best accountant and financial planner.

Need to make your house look good to sell it? We’ll recommend a great cleaner and stager.

Need legal advice and someone to close the transaction? We’ll recommend an amazing lawyer.

Need an inspector who won’t miss a thing? An appraiser? A mover? A Photographer? A contractor?  A handyman? A painter?  A landscaper? A property manager?  We’ve good you covered.

How does it work? 

Every RealCoach member has access to the RealNetwork.  There are no fees and no catches.  Let us know what you need and in which city, and we’ll put you in touch with the best person for the job!

Why use the RealNetwork?

The RealNetwork was built to help you find top talent to join your dream team.  When hiring someone, how do you know the person is competent and trustworthy?  How do you know if they are charging you a fair price and that they will really have your best interest at heart?  The alternative of finding people on Google, Kijiji or even trying to get recommendations from friends on social media takes time and doesn’t always give the best results.

With so much at stake, we wanted to make things simple for you!

HomeFluent Approved Professionals

HomeFluent Approved Professionals are carefully selected and vetted to provide you with top quality and value.  To get approved, they go through the following rigorous process:

  1. Our members refer professionals they’ve worked with who went above and beyond their expectations.
  2. We interview them and make sure they have the capability and capacity to work with our members.
  3. We check several of their references.
  4. We review their Better Business Bureau rating.
  5. We review feedback and reviews on the Internet.

After any work is done, our members provide feedback on the quality of the service received.  The professional has the chance to address and rectify the reason for the negative feedback, otherwise they get barred from our RealNetwork.  

We’re Ready To Help You Get Started On The Path To Success!